There are endless benefits and advantages when using the TIOCOAT™ reflective elastomeric white roof coating.

What is it?

TIOCOAT™ is a high-strength elastomeric coating that provides the ultimate in reflectivity and weather resistance. TIOCOAT™'s tough white finish resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt and extreme weather conditions. This versatile roofing system can be applied on a large variety of roofs such as BUR, Mod-bit, EPDM, concrete and asphalt.

The TIOCOAT™ elastomeric roof coating system creates a uniform, seamless surface that remains flexible even at low temperatures, resulting in a longer roof cycle. TIOCOAT™ provides 89% reflectivity of solar radiation, which will significantly reduce the buildings energy requirements and help combat Heat Island Effect.

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White roof coatings are applied on a variety of roof substrates or membranes for a variety of reasons. For example, white roof coatings provide protection against water, chemicals, or physical damage. Additionally, white roof coatings protect a roof against excessive temperatures and UV radiation by reflecting visible light and stopping ultraviolet radiation.


What is a white roof coating?

A white roof coating (TIOCOAT™) consists of a polymeric binder blended with pigments and other additives to provide two main benefiits:

  1. Protection of roof membranes, for longer roof life cycles.
  2. Reflectivity of solar radiation, for lower air conditioning costs.