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RubberROCK+TIOCOAT work together over both new and existing roof systems to provide a seamless, monolithic, waterproof system.


RubberROCK, provides the strength and performance that you demand from a waterproofing product, while TIOCOAT provides the reflective barrier that will further extend and protect the roof system it covers.

Design & Performance Attributes.

  • UL listed/Class ‘A’ approval (ballasted)
  • Non Toxic/ECO-Friendly + water based
  • No smell or disturbance during installation
  • VOC Free
  • Over 800% Elongation
  • ASTM Approvals : -E154, D142 (Biological resistance)
  • Can be used in lieu of hot-applied asphaltic waterproofing products
  • CGSB 37-GP-56 (Impact resistance)
  • Water tightness after impact
  • G155 (Retention of tensile strength)
  • After 250hrs (accelerated weather test)
  • D412 (Tensile strength)
  • C836 (Adhesion to concrete)
  • D714 (No blistering)
  • F1677 (Abrasion resistance)
  • E96 (Water vapor permeance)
  • E2178 (Air permeance)
  • C518-04 (Thermal resistance)

Advantanges to the Installer:

  • Reduced labor costs as equipment does most of the work
  • Reduced insurance costs, no need for torching/welding equipment
  • 3 day on-site certification course
  • TIOCOAT can be installed same day

Advantages to Building Owners:

  • Can be applied to many suitable existing roofing substrates including : BUR, Mod-bit, Concrete, Metal and Asphalt
  • Reflects 89% of the suns harmful UV rays
  • Made to withstand Canada’s extreme climate
  • Reduces the temperature inside the building it covers by 6-9 degrees
  • Reduces the roof surface temperature by 20-60 degrees
  • Increases the effective “R” value of insulation
  • Increases the efficiency of roof-mounted HVAC units
  • Saves on air conditioning costs
  • Results in lower energy costs overall to your building by reducing your ‘peak electrical demand level
  • Slows premature aging of a roof due to high surface temperature and UV degradation
  • Water based products, no harmful chemicals (GREEN)
  • Energy Star accredited
  • LEED credit 7.2 (Reduces the heat-island effect)
  • Reduces the ‘Heat-Island effect’ which results in substantial savings
  • Complies with the ‘ECO-ROOF’ program grant from City of Toronto

Is RubberROCK + TIOCOAT a good investments? YES!

  • Longer roof life, better durability - coatings protect the roof substrate from destructive UV
  • Reduced maintenance costs over the life of the roof; and coatings can provide the added bonus of being a water-resistant barrier
  • Better budget management due to predictable life extension of the roof. The opportunity to re-coat the roof rather than replace it
  • Minimal disruption to the occupants, operations during application, construction process, saving money in areas other than the roofing materials and application itself
  • A more desirable and comfortable work environment inside the building

**Coatings are considered ‘restoration’ and not a new roof system installation. Therefore they may usually be expensed in the fiscal year during which they are applied instead of amortizing the cost over the life of the roof (as in a new membrane installation). This can be a huge tax benefit to some building owners. Check with your accountant or CFO to apply this information to your own roof**